How does chlorine disinfect water (short answer)?

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of chlorinating drinking water
and be sure to use a case-study from Peru.

Describe the different routes of infection and toxicities of viral (A, B,
C, D, E) hepatitis.

Compare and contrast 2 different water-borne diseases, giving symptoms,
the affected population, route of exposure, and the life-cycle of the
pathogen. Hint: the class web site, your lecture notes, and carefully
choosing your pathogen might help you address the life-cycle part of this

What's the difference between a virus and a bacterium? Give an example of
each and the disease that is caused (short answer).

Can parasites threaten the survival of an entire species, and how do hosts
respond to the threat from parasites? Be sure to address viral
extinctions in the oceans (E. huxleyi), the red queen hypothesis, the
host-parasite co-evolution model, and the consequences for human beings.