Unnatural History of UCSC

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Table of Contents

This is a book written by UCSC students. You can buy a copy.

Sci. Library has several copies (LD781.S52 U56 2008 c.4) with different access status.



Early History
Natural History of UCSC
Mima Mounds: Still A Mystery
Ohlone: The First Builders
The Lime Kilns

Natural Wonders
Porter Cave
An Unnamed Cave
Hell Hole Cave
Tree 9
Tree 10
Devil’s Hand
The Mushroom Trees

UCSC (1964-Present)
The Paths We Follow
The Arboretum (1964)
The Upper Quarry (1965)
Alan Chadwick Garden (1967)
Dome City (1969-70)
The Labyrinth (1971-72)
The Farm (1972)
Stone Wood (1974)
The “Indian” Village (1975)
Merry-Go-Round (1975)
Samantha the Goat (1978)
Perrier Par Course (1981)
Old Back Nine (1981)
Porter Totem Pole (1983-84)
The Camino Real Bell
The UCSC Natural Reserve (1988)

Unnatural Sites (1965-Present)
The Elfland Protests
Cat’s Cradle
The Wiccan Circle
Caer Elillon: A Closer Look
Wayfarer’s Den
Stone Circle
BMX Jumps

Fables and “Forts”
Tree Houses
Kings Grove
The Hobbit Hole
Engineering Fort
Pirates Castle
The Teepee
Fort Peace
Oakes Trail Fort
Fort Dorm
Fort Wenty
Other Forts

Odd Wonders
The Koi Pond: A Fish Story
Drum Circles: Full Moon Magic
The Diary Well
Upper Campus Swing
The Trailer Park Swing
The Stone Shrine
Climbing Ropes
The Stone Sentinels

The Creative Spirit
Wishing Well
Wishing Tree
Zen Sandbox
Web of Life
Dog’s Den
Pinecone Wishing Well
Mirror Mobile
Dog’s Den
Other Creations