Biology 122/122L - Invertebrate Zoology

Instructor:  Dr. Allison J. Gong

Summer 2009


This “course” is actually two courses:  invertebrate zoology lecture (5 units) and lab (2 units).  It may seem like a lot, but trust me, it works better this way.  The lectures by themselves would be a bit dry, and the lab would be extremely difficult without the lectures to provide context and perspective.  I know from previous years that students who take lecture without lab do not perform as well as those who take the lecture and lab concurrently.  Lectures and labs for this class will be taught at Long Marine Laboratory, located about 3 miles from the UCSC main campus.

Lectures meet MTWR from 0900-1100 in Room 128 in the Seymour Marine Discovery Center (SMDC).

Labs meet MTR from 1300-1600, also in Room 128 in the SMDC. 

Instructor contact information:


    Phone:  459-2471 (messages)

Instructor office hours:  You can catch me pretty much any time before lecture or between lecture and lab.  I’m also at the marine lab all the time, so just grab me when you have a question.


Important course links:

   Textbook and lab manual information

    Diversity lab guides

    Field trips

    Study aids

    Independent lab project


Welcome to Biology 122!