Spring 2005

Directions for Printing Lecture Note Outlines for PPT Slides: Click on the lecture notes you want to print. When the window opens up you should see the Power Point slides on the right hand side and an outline of the notes on the left hand side. Toggle the buttons on the bottom of the page until you see the full text of the notes in the left-hand box (not just the title of the slides). Then, using your mouse, highlight ALL the text in the left hand box. Then press Print. This will allow you to print the notes as an outline from the Web PPT format.

Directions for Printing PPT Slides in PDF Format: When you click on the date the PPT slides will come up in Adobe Acrobat and you can print them out using the menu options in that program. I have been having trouble consistently and successfully converting my PPT slides to PDF format. Therefore I will stick to posting PPT slides and notes in HTML format only. I apologize for the inconvenience. If anyone has more experience with this process, I'd appreciate some help.--J

Please take a few moments to complete this on-line survey for Media Services about the Web Archiving Service that they have provided for this course. http://media4.ucsc.edu/survey


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