CMPS 101
Algorithms and Abstract Data Types
Summer 2013
June 24 - August 16

Final Exam:  Friday August 16, 1:00-3:30
Review Session by Jennifer Parrish:  Wednesday August 14, 3:00-5:00 in SS1 PC lab

Programming Assignments  pa5 extended to Friday

Homework Assignments  hw7 solutions posted  
Lecture Notes

Midterm 1 Review Problems    
Solutions to Selected Review Problems  
Midterm 1 Solutions

Midterm 2 Review Problems
Solutions to Selected Review Problems  
Additional Master Theorem Problems  
Midterm 2 Solutions

Final Review Problems
Solutions to Selected Review Problems  

Time and Place:
 MWF     1:00-2:40   E2  194
Class Webpage:

Instructor: Patrick Tantalo (
Office: E2 257
Office Hours:   M 3:30-4:30, TTh 2:00-4:00, or by appointment
Phone: 831-459-3898

Teaching Assistant: Jennifer Parrish (
Lab Sections:  
   3:00-5:00  Social Sciences I PC lab (Room135)
Wednesday   3:00-5:00  Social Sciences I PC lab (Room135)

LSS Tutor:
Andrew Ringer (
LSS Tutoring signup:

Tutor Hours:
Monday     11:00 - 12:00
Tuesday    11:00 - 12:00
Thursday   12:30 - 1:30  

Required Text:
Introduction to Algorithms, by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, & Stein.  MIT Press.  (Second or Third Edition.)

Supplementary Texts:

Java Programming:
Java by Dissection (2nd edition) Ira Pohl and Charlie McDowell. 2006.
Learning Java, by Patrick Niemeyer & Jonathan Knudsen, O'Reilly, 2000.
Java in a nutshell : a desktop quick reference, by David Flanagan, O'Reilly, 1997.
C Programming:
C for Java Programmers: A Primer, by Charlie McDowell, 2006.
Problem solving and program design in C, by Jeri R. Hanly & Elliot B. Koffman, Addison-Wesley, 1999.
Algorithm Analysis:
Computer algorithms : introduction to design and analysis  by Sara Baase & Allen Van Gelder, Addison-Wesley, 2000.
Fundamentals of algorithmics, by Gilles Brassard & Paul Bratley, Prentice Hall, 1996.
The Algorithm Design Manual,  by Steven S. Skiena, Springer-Verlag, 1998.

Other Resources:

Programming in Java
Java SE 7 Documentation
Java Programming Resources

Programming in C

C Programming
Programming in ANSI C
Notes on Programming in C
C Library Reference Guide  


A Unix Tutorial from University of Washington.
A nice list of Unix Tutorials

Simple Makefile Tutorial
GNU make

An extensive list of Vi tutorials .
Free Software Foundation Gnu Emacs Manual (very long).

On Campus Resources
Jack Baskin School of Engineering
Information Technology Services
Learning Technology Services

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